Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers

Many people enjoy smoking a good cigar. Cigars are significantly less addictive than standard smoking and used quite often as a celebratory device only. A new father might smoke a cigar to celebrate the birth of their child, or a new husband might smoke one to celebrate their wedding. Much like champagne cigars are a relatively inexpensive way to celebrate an occasion, though some people take it a step further than that and turn it into a habit. They might not be addicted, but they enjoy smoking cigars to the point where they do it quite regularly. This, however, puts them at a greater health risk than those occasional, celebratory smokers.

When seeking life insurance the occasional smoke is typically overlooked. Smoking a cigar every now and then doesn’t do enough damage to your system for the insurance companies to even take note of it, so it won’t affect the rates and you can apply for standard rates. Cigar smoker life insurance, however, who can actually be declared smokers, gets them the increased smokers rate because of the health risks accompanying any form of smoke inhalation, whether it be cigarette or cigar. Smoking in general makes one susceptible to smoker rates.

Most insurance companies, when screening applicants for their policies and determining rates, will do certain tests. If you don’t think you’re a regular enough cigar smoker for a smoker rate and mark that down on the form, you could be proven wrong when they do a urine test. The companies test for nicotine in the urine, something present if you smoke often enough. If nicotine is present then you automatically get qualified for smoker rates and lose access to standard rates. It’s important to be honest, because the insurance companies will find out if you lied about your smoking habits.